POUPC 7002 Water soluble metal deactivator
POUPC7002 is a liquid tolutriazole derivative, and it works as a water / glycol soluble
metal deactivator. It can impart good deactivation performance and has gained wide use into a variety of water based lubricants and functional fluids.

Chemical name
Tolutriazole derivative

Chemical structure

Cas No.

Treat level
0.1-0.5w% in metalworking fluids (semi/fully synthetic fluids), engine coolants and water/glycol hydraulic fluids (HFC)

  • Easy-to-handle liquid
  • Very effective for yellow metals and cobalt alloys
  • Good substitute for Benzotriazole and Tolutriazole


Item Specification
Appearance Clear brown liquid
Density(20°C)g/cm3 1.14 – 1.17
Melting Point/°C <5
Nitrogen % 17.0-19.0
Solubility 1-15% in water/0.01% in mineral oil
200kgs/drum(net weight)

Storage information
Not dangerous chemical. Kept under cool, dry and well ventilated warehouses. For more information, please refer to the relevant MSDS.