POUPC S190-50 Water-based Corrosion Inhibitor
POUPC S190-50 is an organic polycarboxylic acid and functions as a water soluble
corrosion inhibitor. It exhibits good inhibition performance and has gained wide use for decades in a variety of water based lubricants and functional fluids.

Chemical name
2,4,6-Tri-(6-aminocaproic acid)-1,3,5-triazine

Chemical structure

Cas No.

Treat level
Metalworking fluids:0.25-1.1%
Engine coolants:0.5%
Hydraulic fluids (HFC ):<1.4%

  • Compatible with hard water (>2000ppm)
  • Extremely low foaming tendency
  • Effective in regimes with various metals
  • Good biodegradability


Item Specification
Appearance White wet cake
Composition 50% active content and 50% water
Acid number(mgKOH/g) 170-185
Chlorine content (ppm) < 200
25kg/bag, 750kg/pallet (net weight)

Storage information
Not dangerous chemical and stored above freezing point. For more information, please refer to the relevant MSDS.